If you’re looking for the ultimate in power measurement, a dual sided power meter can’t be beaten. Single sided power meters will measure the power generated by your left leg and double it to estimate your total power output on each pedalling cycle. For many this approximation is good enough, however if you want most people will have an imbalance in the power output of their left and right legs and a dual sided power meter is essential in identifying this and helping you to focus your training effort on this specific area.

There are a few options available, and so we’ve identified what we think to be the best below, along with a link to the cheapest price currently available.

Best price for dual sided power meter pedals

Power meter pedals are really versatile because with the help of a spanner you can move them from one bike to the next and not worry about compatibility. A crank based power meter (especially a dual sided one) is much fiddlier to move between bikes, and so if you’re a true follower of the rule of n+1 we’d recommend going for a pedal based option. Here are the best deals we’ve found for dual sided pedal power meters:

rutland cycling power metersLook Exakt Dual sided£1,280.00Buy
probikekit power metersPowerTap P1 dual sided£549.99Buy
wiggle power metersPowerTap P2 dual sided£599.00Buy
probikekit power metersGarmin Vector 2 dual sided£649.99Buy
vanilla bikes power metersFavero Assioma dual sided£689.00Buy
leisure lakes power metersGarmin Vector 3 dual sided£710.99Buy

Prices last updated on 22nd September 2019.

Best price for dual sided chainset power meters

If you aren’t planning to change bikes very option (or are flush enough to have a power meter installed on more than one steed!) then cranset/chainset based power meter pedals are ideal. The main benefit of these over a pedal based system is that you have free choice about what style of pedal to use with it. Most pedal based power meters force you to use Keo compatible cleats, so no good if you’re wedded to Shimano or Speedplay. We’ve rounded up the best chainset based dual sided power meter deals below:

tredz power metersStages Dura Ace R9100 Chainset£1,199.00Buy
wiggle power metersRotor INpower Flow MAS chainset£588.99Buy
probikekit power metersVerve Cycling Infocrank chainset£849.99Buy
wiggle power meters4iiii Ultegra Precision Pro R8000 chainset£899.00Buy
evans cycles power metersStages Ultegra R8000 chainset£949.00Buy
merlin cycles power metersShimano Dura Ace R9100 Chainset£999.95Buy

Prices last updated on 22nd September 2019.

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