Power meter pedals are probably the most versatile option out there for recording your watts. The beauty of a pedal based power meter is that you can quickly and easily swap them from one bike to the next – usually in exactly the same way as you would a standard set of road pedals. We’ve selected the cheapest deal currently available for each model of pedal based power meter below:

Best price for left side only power meter pedals

Left side only power meters are the most budget friendly option. By measuring the power output of your left leg and doubling it, you get a fairly accurate representation of your overall power. Single sided power meters won;t tell you if you have an imbalance in the amount of power each leg is producing, but realistically it’s not the most useful information anyway! If you do decide you want to go dual sided later on, you can always add a right sided upgrade pedal (see below). For now, we’ve rounded up the best left side only pedal based power meters below:

probikekit power metersPowerTap P1S left side only£323.99Buy
evans cycles power metersGarmin Vector 3S left side only£395.99Buy

Prices last updated on 20th August 2019.

Best price for dual sided power meter pedals

Dual sided power meter pedals offer the most accurate power measurement, by recording the watts from both legs individually. This allows you to see if there’s an imbalance between the amount of power your left and right legs are generating. Though what you might do with that information we do wonder! Ultimately it means that the overall power measurement is more accurate than a left side only power meter. So if you’re a data junkie and budget allows, it’s a no brainer! We’ve rounded up the best deals for each dual sided power meter pedal in the UK below:

rutland cycling power metersLook Exakt Dual sided£1,280.00Buy
probikekit power metersPowerTap P1 dual sided£468.99Buy
wiggle power metersPowerTap P2 dual sided£599.00Buy
probikekit power metersGarmin Vector 2 dual sided£599.99Buy
vanilla bikes power metersFavero Assioma dual sided£689.00Buy
wiggle power metersGarmin Vector 3 dual sided£699.00Buy

Prices last updated on 20th August 2019.

Best price for right upgrade pedals

Already got a left side only power meter pedal and want to improve its accuracy with a right side pedal? We’ve rounded up the best deals on right side upgrade pedals below:

wiggle power metersGarmin Vector 3S right pedal upgrade£359.00Buy
wiggle power metersGarmin Vector 2S right pedal upgrade£427.49Buy

Prices last updated on 20th August 2019.

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