Stages power meters are the most popular in the world, and you really can’t go wrong with them when it comes to balancing performance and value. 

Best price for each Stages power meter

In the table below we’ve listed the best deal currently available for each model. If you’d like to view all the deals available for each, simply scroll down and select from our list of Stages power meters.

GroupsetGroupsetPriceRetailerBuyTypeMI prefixProduct URLMI endMore infoCampaignNameAdGroupNameParam1Param2For meta
Avio PowerSenseAvio PowerSense£143.49ProbikekitBuyCrank<a href="“>More infoMore infoGarminVector 2£143.49143.49
Garmin Edge 530Garmin Edge 530£229.99WiggleBuyBike Computer<a href="“>More infoMore infoStages£229.99229.99
Garmin Vector 3S left side onlyGarmin Vector 3S left side only£377.99WiggleBuyPedal<a href="“>More infoMore info£377.99377.99
PowerTap GS Rear HubPowerTap GS Rear Hub£700.00WiggleBuyHub<a href="“>More infoMore infoPowertapP1S£700.00700.00
PowerTap P1 dual sidedPowerTap P1 dual sided£549.99ProbikekitBuyPedal<a href="“>More infoMore infoPowertapP2£549.99549.99
Stages Dura Ace R9100 ChainsetStages Dura Ace R9100 Chainset£965.00TredzBuyChainset<a href="“>More infoMore infoStagesDura Ace R9100 left£965.00965.00
Stages Dura Ace R9100 left crankStages Dura Ace R9100 left crank£449.00TredzBuyCrank<a href="“>More infoMore info£449.00449.00
Stages G2 Dura Ace R9100 left crankStages G2 Dura Ace R9100 left crank£332.45Leisure Lakes BikesBuyCrank<a href="“>More infoMore info£332.45332.45
Stages G2 FSA Energy BB30 left crankStages G2 FSA Energy BB30 left crank£279.00Leisure Lakes BikesBuyCrank<a href="“>More infoMore info£279.00279.00
Stages G3 Dura Ace R9100 left crankStages G3 Dura Ace R9100 left crank£449.00WiggleBuyChainset<a href="“>More infoMore info£449.00449.00
Stages G3 Record left crankStages G3 Record left crank£599.00HargrovesBuyCrank<a href="“>More infoMore info£599.00599.00
Stages G3 Ultegra 6800 left crankStages G3 Ultegra 6800 left crank£699.00Leisure Lakes BikesBuyCrank<a href="“>More infoMore infoUltegra R8000 dual£699.00699.00
Stages G3 Ultegra R8000 left crankStages G3 Ultegra R8000 left crank£549.00TweeksBuyCrank<a href="“>More infoMore infoUltegra R8000 left£549.00549.00
Stages Ultegra R8000 chainsetStages Ultegra R8000 chainset£899.00EvansBuyChainset<a href="“>More infoMore info£899.00899.00
Stages Ultegra R8000 left crankStages Ultegra R8000 left crank£349.00TredzBuyCrank<a href="“>More infoMore infoStages£349.00349.00
Velocomp PowerPod V3 Power MeterVelocomp PowerPod V3 Power Meter£249.99ProbikekitBuyOther<a href="“>More infoMore infoStages£249.99249.99
Verve Cycling Infocrank chainsetVerve Cycling Infocrank chainset£849.99ProbikekitBuyCrank<a href="“>More infoMore infoStages£849.99849.99
Wahoo ELEMNT BOLTWahoo ELEMNT BOLT£184.99WiggleBuyBike Computer<a href="“>More infoMore infoStages£184.99184.99

Prices last updated on 11th August 2022.

Stages power meters in detail

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