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What we think

"Aero sensor and power all in one!"

Pros and cons

  • Really good value
  • Easy to swap between bikes
  • On-the-road, live measurement of aerodynamic drag (CdA)
  • Only accurate to within 3%


We’ve scoured the web to find the very best Velocomp Aeropod power meter deals:

RetailerPriceDeliveryDelivery timeBuyMakeProduct
probikekit power meters£399.00Freeup to 3 daysBuyVelocompAeropod power and CDA meter

Prices last updated on 2nd July 2022.

Critic reviews

dc rainmaker power meter reviews

The...Aeropod is essentially stepping up the PowerPod both from a hardware and software standpoint to offer real-time aerodynamic information to a rider so that they can adjust their position (or gear) to improve their CdA values, which in turn either makes you more efficient or faster depending on how you use the data.

DC Rainmaker




  • Wireless protocols: ANT+ | ANT+/Bluetooth SMART
  • Speed/cadence sensor: Velocomp ANT+ Speed Sensor | Garmin ANT+ Speed/Cadence Sensor | No sensor

Other features

  • Weight: 40g
  • Both-leg measurement with precision comparable to “gold-standard” power
  • Portable: moves easily from bike to bike
  • Simple to use: attach to handlebars, pair, ride
  • Includes PowerStroke left/right, front/back, side-to-side measurements for
    improved pedaling efficiency and economy
  • Transmits ANT power/slope/wind speed/CdA/Time Advantage measurements
  • Transmits BLE power/CdA data to Velocomp’s PowerHouse app
  • Works with ANT+, both-leg, direct force power meters (DFPM)
  • On-the-road, live measurement of aerodynamic drag (CdA)
  • Three-digit display of CdA
  • On-the-road, live measurement of time gained/lost due to CdA changes (Time
  • Measure/compare the aerodynamics of your bike equipment, accessories,
  • Ride memory stores raw sensor data for after-the-ride analysis
  • Isaac software included for after-the-ride CdA analysis

In the box

  • AeroPod sensor and pitot tube
  • PowerStroke upgrade
  • Mount for round, 31.8 mm handlebars
  • USB cable
  • Isaac software for Mac/PC
  • PowerHouse Bike app for iOS/Android
  • Warranty

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